Kính mặt dựng lắp đặt không gian phòng ngủ

Chi tiết sản phẩm Kính mặt dựng lắp đặt không gian phòng ngủ

Complex structures and buildings are not only possible, we make them real. Our Free forms department develops, engineers, manufactures and installs fascinating supporting and enveloping wood structures in stunning projects all over the world. Cellular supporting structures and the uniqueness of each component make free form structures exceptional.

Dedicated planning and project management

Blumer-Lehmann AG is a well-known expert, thanks to our qualified employees, our flexible design tools and our own CNC production which allow us to deliver highest quality on time and budget. Our specialists attend you through all stages of the project: from technical development to construction, service and maintenance. Dedicated project management coordinates every step such as development of geometry, structural engineering, production, logistics, site facilities, installation and follow-up works.

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